Hancock Veterinary Clinic

Cattle Services

Herd Health Management

Vaccination is a key in preventative medicine and our veterinary team is prepared to help you develop a customized herd heath protocol for your cattle or small ruminant herd. Prevention of disease is not only important for animal health but also for profitability and sustainability of your operation.Control of parasites is also a vital part of the overall health of cattle and small ruminants. We can help you implement an organized and effective schedule for deworming using products that are specific to your operation. We also perform castrations, dehorning, and use implants to increase marketability for your calves.

Feedlot Management

Whether your feedlot has a few head or a few thousand, we can help. Our veterinarians are trained and experienced on developing vaccination protocols and managing nutrition, as well as instituting treatment protocols for lameness or respiratory disease outbreaks. Prevention is the best medicine and veterinary management of your feedlot is a great way to improve herd health and help add value to your bottom line.

Reproductive Services

Reproduction is essential to the success of your cow-calf operation. From synchronizing your heifers and cows for artificial insemination to diagnosing infertility, Hancock Veterinary Clinic can help. Other reproductive services we offer include pregnancy diagnosis via palpation and ultrasonography, bull breeding soundness exams, pre-breeding vaccination protocols, obstetrics, and caesarian sections.

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